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Perry Farrell has assumed the duties of the Internship Coordinator for the Department of Communication.  He will process registrations and will schedule the required internship orientation sessions.

Spring/Summer 2022 Approval Form

Spring/Summer 2022 COM 6190 Syllabus 

Portfolio Guidelines – COM 6190

COM 6190 Internship Prerequisites Information: 

Journalism, Communication Studies, Public Relations, Media Arts & Studies 

(1 to 3 credits, repeatable for 6 Credits)

PrerequisitesPrint-digital Journalism Major:  COM 4100, feature writing or equivalent, with instructor’s consent.  Broadcast Journalism Major:  For TV News internships, COM 5381 TV News Reporting or for all others, COM 2230:  Broadcast News Writing   (When in doubt, contact instructor.)

PrerequisitesMedia Arts and Studies Major:  12 credits in relevant COM courses; junior standing, with instructor’s consent.  (When in doubt, contact instructor.)

Prerequisites–Public Relations Majors: 12 credits in relevant COM courses. Must have had Public Relations Writing (COM 4170), COM 3170 and be of junior standing, with instructor’s consent. (When in doubt, contact instructor.)

Prerequisites–Communication Studies Majors: 12 credits in relevant COM courses. Must be of junior standing, with instructor’s consent. (When in doubt, contact instructor.)


For 3 credits, students must successfully complete an approved internship that includes a minimum of 15 hours a week of on-the-job experience for an entire semester.  For 2 credits, there is a 10 hour per week requirement and for 1 credit, there is a 5 hour per week requirement.